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Finding opportunities, trading with DEXes has its own unique challenges. We're a community that's sharing our experiences, insights, and problem solving about everything DeFi.

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If you are thinking about investing in DeFi, looking for your next to-the-moon opportunity, share experience & insights with other investors that actually know the DeFi market, this group is for you. Here are some rockets we found:

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You'll be joining a group of vetted investors, traders, builders and leaders. We're investing in crypto and DeFi before it has achieved hype status.

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I have been with CryptoPing since the beginning of summer, there are only positive emotions from the guys. As soon as the DeFi season started, the community reacted very quickly and started to quickly issue signals for coins and tokens. Moreover, there was practically no misfire, and if there were, it was impossible to predict them. In general, the ratio of positive to negative deals since the entry was ~9/1.

This project allowed me to understand the world of crypto chaos. Analysis, communication, industry news, it all becomes a new family in the world of decentralization and finance. I am a big fan of CryptoPing.

I was immediately skeptical about the invitation to the CryptoPing, but decided to study what is happening there. It turned out that this new group consists of professionals who have extensive experience in the market and, most importantly, are absolutely not interested in making money on someone or finding benefits, except for creating a community that can competently analyze the market.

I recommend PingAnalytics, great guys, great chat where always prompt, and forecasts - your agony! I managed to grow my depo quite well in the last alt season! With PingAnalytics you can get nice profits, but do not forget to jump in time!

Core team


Market research expert

Crypto investor since March 2013. Started his crypto career as a Bitcoin miner. After the first two years of hard experience in trading, now makes his living from earnings in crypto only.

Kuan-Yin Liao

Market research & trading

Crypto trader since 2013. Main area is long-term margin trading. Mostly relies on charts and technical analysis in trading: Bollinger bands, horizontal support and resistance levels, stoch RSI, divergences.

Alex Briss

Public Relations

Finance journalist and story writer. Advocate of personal freedom and Austrian economics. Community management and public relations. Strong believer in hard money theory.


Community operations

Economic cybernetics and software development, miner since 2015, crypto fund analyst, trader, blockchain enthusiast.


Business development

Security researcher, developer, crypto investor, rapid prototyping and networking.


Community management & trading

Crypto trader and investor since 2018. Strategic planning and organisational design. Communication skills.


Trading & developer

Crypto trader and developer blockchain app. Main area is long-term margin trading. Spot traiding and IDO investor.


Trading expert

Inventor, crypto enthusiast since 2012. Full time crypto trader last 2 years. Survived few dumps and enjoyed pumps. Believing in technical analysis, candles show everything.

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If you are thinking about investing in DeFi, looking for your next to-the-moon opportunity, share experience & insights with other investors that actually know the DeFi market, this group is for you. Here are some rockets we found:

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