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Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I go to test this bot?
Please sign up on this website, when you complete the sign up process you can start using the bot right away without any limitations. It will remain free until our ICO ends.
I have signed up and installed Telegram. What should I do next?
You need to activate your account to see signals in Telegram. Please follow this guide.
I forgot my password!
If you lost access to your account, you can create new password here here. Your new password has to be at least six characters long, so make sure you have the password long enough, and that the password confirmation matches.
How do I get started with Telegram?
You can get more info about Telegram on their website.
Is there any way to try this without having to install Telegram or anything else?
If you don't want to install anything, you can use the web version of Telegram, besides CryptoPing doesn't ask for any personal information. Meanwhile we're working on adding the bot to more platforms.
What should I do to get the signals?
To get signals you need to sign up at the website and add the bot to your Telegram following the instructions you will see there in your dashboard on the websites. Once you do that, signals will be sent to you automatically.
How can I change the exchanges I get notifications from?
You can turn off the exchanges you don't need in your profile.
What keeps you from manipulating the price by fake signals?
We think that manipulating prices using bot signals is against our interests, because we want the project to be successful and healthy. Manipulation would be hard to do on big markets, but clearly visible on small ones, so gaining bad reputation by manipulating prices is not on our roadmap.
I am concerned about security of my account, will you have 2FA on your website?
Yes, we will add 2FA to the login on the website before you're able to do anything the tokens.
How can I stop the Bot?
Please follow this guide.