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This is a bot 🤖 that monitors crypto markets and 📡 notifies you when an altcoin gets 🕵 surprising amount of market 💰 action. Our long-term testing shows that trading by bot signals delivers about 10% daily profit.

Project mission: use market data, statistics, news and social media to produce more precise trading signals and forecast cryptocurrency markets.

3692 investors have already invested 748.87 BTC.

Let's fund the development and secure the future of CryptoPing together!

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Token rates will be calculated using current rate of alts to Bitcoin.


  • Name: CryptoPing
  • Ticker: PING
  • Supply: 10,000,000
  • Platform: Waves


  • Start: May 25, 2017 00:00 UTC
  • Duration: 1 month
  • Limit: 1,000 BTC
  • Tokens: 9,000,000
  • 1 BTC: 9,000 PING
  • Accepting: BTC, LTC, WAVES, DASH, ETH, ETC


Coins are distributed in one week after ICO ends. Unsold coins will be burned.


Will be enabled when we roll out subscription for tokens and add PING to exchanges.

Subscription mode goes live after we add Crypto Ping to exchanges and release social trading functionality.


ICO start

  • 1 Token-based subscription
  • 2 New social platforms
  • 3 More exchanges
  • 4 Social trading
  • 5 Investing app
  • 6 News and social feeds monitoring
  • 7 Neural network inception
  • 8 Auto-investing app
  • 9 Programmatic technical analysis
  • 749 BTC

1000 BTC

Post-sale supply maintenance

🔥 To ensure that token price remains high we will keep burning tokens after ICO ends.

From every subscription transaction for CryptoPing we will burn certain amount of transferred tokens: 75% of subscription fees during 6 months after subscription is introduced, and 25% of fees for a year after that.

We will keep public log of subscription payments and burned tokens. Every investor will get transparent information about our actions and remaining token supply.

Burning means transferring tokens to an address without private key, rendering them unaccessible.

Subscription fee

After ICO ends, CryptoPing will start to require small subscription fee in PING tokens to access the signalling bot and other upcoming services.

Investor reward program

10% of tokens purchased by your referrals will be awarded to your account after ICO ends.

15% discount will be provided for investments of 100 BTC and more.

We believe that our investors should be rewarded for extra effort and hope it will help to build healthy and tight knit community.

Vision for Crypto Ping ecosystem after current roadmap cycle:

CryptoPing ecosystem

Token sale starts in X days X hours X minutes X seconds